The Winner…

…and the only contestant to correctly respond to Question #3 was Steve, so congratulations to him and many thanks to all who participated.  Here are the questions with the answers:

1.  To what culture does the Narrator of In Search of Lost Time, during his description of his madeleine moment, ascribe this belief: “…that the souls of those we have lost are held captive…in some inanimate object…”  Celtic

2.  The Narrator never gives us a name for himself.  By what name does Albertine, just one time, refer to him?  Marcel

3.  In The Guermantes Way, the Narrator says, “Everything great in our world comes from ___________________?  Neurotics

4.  The madeleine in the cup of tea is the most famous instance of involuntary memory in the novel, but there are at least two more related by the Narrator.  Describe two more that the Narrator experiences.  Un-even paving stones, the clink of silverware, the texture of a napkin…

5.  What is the name of the character who, “…gradually declined to leave, first Combray, then her house in Combray, then her bedroom, and finally her bed…”  Tante Leonie

I am reading William C. Carter’s book Proust in Love, and while the book is well-written and informative, the dustcover picture is, shall we say, unfortunate:

Oh La La


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