Small and local and…

…and they are a bookstore! Actually, there are three of them, called Barritt’s Books, and you can buy signed copies of my book, Parisian by Heart, there.

November 26th is Small Business Saturday, and yes, I know the idea is backed by a certain credit card company, I like the idea anyhow. But pay with cash at your local small business, or to the person who makes the homemade gifts or grows the homegrown food, because when you pay cash, trade or barter, there are no fees, you are directly helping out your community, and you don’t get any deeper in debt.

If you are too far away to shop at your local Barritt’s store, contact me (leave a comment here or email me) for info on how to get your signed copy inscribed personally to you, or if you are buying the book for a gift, to your gift recipient. Merci!

Cyber Monday update: Parisian by Heart is also available on Kindle. Buying someone a Kindle as a gift? Give them their new Kindle already loaded with Parisian by Heart.


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