In Search of Lost Time for 100 Years

One hundred years ago, in 1913, the first of Marcel Proust’s seven novels that would become A La Recherche du Temps Perdu, was published. At that time, the title was translated in English as Remembrance of Things Past; now, in a better translation, it is known as In Search of Lost Time.

A La Recherche du Temps Perdu

A La Recherche du Temps Perdu

Six years ago, on February 18, 2007, I began the Madeleine Moments blog, as a way to share my love of Proust and his work, which I had just finished reading for the first time. I also created this website.

Marcel Proust

Marcel Proust

There are many events and activities going on around the world to honor the 100th anniversary of the publication of the first of In Search of Lost Time’s seven novels, entitled Swann’s Way. One of the best ways to find out about these activities is to follow this Pinterest board.

Not on Pinterest? Then here’s a couple of links to follow: The Morgan Library has an upcoming exhibition, described here- “Marcel Proust’s In Search of Lost Time is one of the most influential and ambitious literary works of all time. The Morgan celebrates the 1913 publication of the first of its seven volumes, Swann’s Way, with a fascinating selection of the author’s notebooks, preliminary drafts, galley-proofs, and other documents from the collection of the Bibliothèque nationale de France.” (Click here for link)

Here is a great website by one of Proust’s biographers, William C. Carter:

Marcel Proust by Nadar

Marcel Proust by Nadar

Always wanted to read Proust but need a support group? Join this group on Goodreads (I belong to this group for my second reading).

Or go to Etsy and buy a Mini Marcel to watch over you while you read.

What events and activities are going on all over the world to celebrate this 6th anniversary of the Madeleine Moments blog? Glad you asked, let me go look…..well, okay, there aren’t any, so how about I have a giveaway? Prizes, anyone?

My novel featuring Marcel Proust

My novel featuring Marcel Proust

Leave a comment, and you’ll be entered in the giveaway. I have two of these Year of Reading Proust buttons, and several sets of postcards featuring the first page of Time Regained (the last of the seven novels) and the final page. So here’s the prizes: two lucky winners will receive a set of the two postcards. One lucky winner will receive the set of postcards and a button. And one incredibly lucky winner will receive the set of postcards, the button and a signed copy of Parisian by Heart. You can also enter the giveaway by liking my Facebook page or leaving a comment.

What could be better than prizes? Haiku!

“Proust lures the waves, then

Sends them out again, and we

Lie, awash in words.”

Don’t forget to leave your comment, and the contest will end on February 18th, 2013, on my 6 year anniversary.


12 comments on “In Search of Lost Time for 100 Years

  1. […] on over to my Madeleine Moments blog and read about the 100th anniversary of Marcel Proust’s first novel, the 6th year […]

  2. davidtripp says:

    My Word, what timing! I have wanted to get into Proust for years, since I learned that it was his work that set forth that idea of sensations that have ways of transporting us back through the years to primal remembrances of our youth that are worth holding on to. I went out and bought the 3-volume edition of his complete novel, but alas, after all these years, have only gotten about 200 pages into volume one. I think I need a reader’s support group, as well as a spiritual mentor to lead me into a better knowledge of Proust. I will be following your blog from here on out. I am a watercolorist, trying to evoke “Proustian” memories from my viewers. My website, tries to get some of that across. What a gift you are! Thank you very much.

    • marimann says:

      David, go get those books off the shelf and start reading now! I guarantee you won’t regret it. Are you a member of Goodreads? If you are, I strongly suggest joining the group I linked above, they are a very active and very knowledgeable group and i have learned a lot reading along with them. Goodreads is free so even if you never do anything else on the site but join that group, it’s worth it. Although I don’t paint very much, I do occasionally paint in watercolors and acrylics. I enjoyed looking at your watercolors very much, you are very talented and it’s great that you are attempting to evoke “madeleine moments” with your paintings. In ISOLT, there is a painter named Elstir that is part of the “little group” that forms part of Swann’s society in “Swann’s Way.” You might find some inspiration there…Thank you for your reply and bonne chance!

  3. leewaggoner says:

    Thank you Mari for your efforts in keeping Proust in the news. It is so refreshing to read the many perspectives of one of the most prolific authors of all time. Thank you.

  4. inksterpop says:

    The Conditions of Love

    Love thrives on one thing.
    I’m sure it’s certainty, it’s
    Doubt breeds jealousy.

    Don’t Forget What You Left Behind

    I must remind you,
    If you left your heart behind,
    I would mind it, too.

    The Gestation of Fair Zipporah’s Daughter

    Madame Swann, a
    Blonde Zipporah,
    Drawn faithfully,
    Like a creature
    Of the artist
    Conceived and, in
    Fullness of time,
    Most artfully,
    Carried Gilberte
    Until full term
    In her belly.

  5. Touch2Touch says:

    Ah, you ate of the poisoned madeleine!
    And your heart will never be free again —
    I devoured Proust first time around. The world around me became a reflection of his world —years later I found the Vermeer painting where the yellow patch came from —
    But whenever I thought of perhaps reading the seven volumes again, my heart quailed within me.
    Godspeed to you and your fellow goodreaders!

  6. Touch2Touch says:

    Oh, and I want to make sure you’ve seen the immortal Monty Python skit, The Summarize Proust Competition:

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