Thank you to everyone who participated in my anniversary contest (; for your comments on that post and your ‘likes’ on Facebook. You are all winners in my book, I wish I could give you all prizes, but alas, names must be tossed into the hat and winners chosen, so…..drum roll please!

The two winners of the two sets of postcards are: Dorothy Randall and inksterpop!

The winner of the set of postcards and the button is: David Tripp!

And the winner of the Grand Prize, the set of postcards, button and signed copy of Parisian by Heart, is: Sheila Dalton!

Congratulations to all, and please, winners, send me an email to marimann (at) cox (dot) net with your mailing address so I can send out your prizes. And Sheila, also let me know to whom you want your copy signed (to you, or to someone else, if you wish to give it as a gift).

And congratulations, Monsieur Proust, on your 100th year anniversary of Swann’s Way, and congrats to me, on my 6th year anniversary of this blog.

Now, Calm Down and Read Proust.


2 comments on “Winners!

  1. […] (Now that the contest is over, find the winners here.) […]

  2. That is great news, Mari! I’m looking forward to receiving my prize, and reading your book. Thanks for the opportunity. I’ll send you my snailmail address via Goodreads.

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