Giveaway Winners

My thanks to everyone who commented on Marcel’s birthday post, or liked Parisian by Heart’s Facebook page (65 likes!), or who Twittered me. Also while I’m thanking everyone, I’d like to mention that it is exciting to me to see all the different countries around the world being represented by the folks liking and twittering and commenting (and buying, judging from my sales reports), Parisian by Heart.  Apparently, my novel is traveling to India, Ireland, Hungary, Taiwan…and France, bien sur. Thank you all, Citizens of the World.

So, now to the winners, chosen through the highly scientific method of writing everyone’s name down on strips of paper, throwing them all on the floor and letting my kitten Dickens chose two of them (meaning taking whatever strips he picked up out of his mouth before he chewed them up), then reading the names on the slightly damp paper, the winners are: Tabitha Connor Jennings and Jon Awbrey! Felicitations!




Dickens looks a little sad here because I wouldn’t let him eat the remaining strips of paper. But he cheered up after I gave him a ball of yarn.

Anyhow, winners: I need for you to email me your physical address so that I can get your books in the mail. Also, tell me to whom you want your book inscribed. My email is marimann (at) cox (dot) net. Or you can Facebook message me. Thanks again, everyone, and namaste.

Parisian by Heart

Parisian by Heart


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